In India when speak about plastic pollution all we think about is plastic bags and bottles. Though these things pollute our environment but we forget about plastic pens. Pens are used everywhere by each & everyone. Schools and colleges are the main sources of waste pens in India. There is no such collection and recycling system for pens in India. That’s why there is a need to create awareness about this & to set up a collection & recycling unit for plastic as well as plastic pens. To solve this problem, we came up with an idea of “Pen-Bank”. Pen Bank is an initiative in which a box is installed in each school, college & office where student has to drop their used or waste pen in it. After a span of 25-30 days, we collect all the pens & forward it for the recycling process. Now we are focusing on plastic pens, later on polyethene bank, bottle bank & many other things will be introduced.