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Kale Lay Out, Near DevraoPatil High School Yavatmal-445001
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Business Opportunity:

 Our target areas are Students, Farmers and Rural people.
 There is a need of awareness of technology among students from the early age.
 Farmers need to use technology in their farms to increase production.
 Rural People are innovative and creative. This hidden talent must get global exposure.

Value Proposition:

 As we are aware about death of farmers due spraying fertilizers manually, aMultipurpose voice controlled robot is designed for the benefits of the farmer. It can spray fertilizers as well as water;it can secure the crop by watching the farm day-night.
 School students are normally engaged in academic activities and they are unaware about changing technology advances. Anfosys will conduct seminars, workshops and other promotional activities for the benefits for school students.Anfosys will make them able to choose their career of their own.
 Rural people are innovative and imaginative but they don’t have platform to expose it. Anfosys will reach out these areas and make them global.


 Our customers are Students, Farmers and Rural people.
 The objective of start-up is to provide following facilities to people from villages.
 We as a start-up are supposed to work in rural areas where technology is not still reached.
 We presume that through websites and Apps, people from these areas will be able to interact with us and world.
 Anfosys will conduct seminars, workshops and other promotional activities for the benefits for school students.
 Anfosys will develop apps for facilitating the school students and rural people.
 Apps which are useful in academics and competitive exams.
 Apps for sports.
 Creation of groups on what's app and social media.
 Future world or era is of innovations and artificial intelligence. We are sure that Village people are more innovative.
 Indian history reveals the fact that, Indian people are intellectual and creative.
 Anfosys will take the initiative to take out the innovation in them and make them global.
 We are bound to make rural students and people to develop innovative ideas.
 Identifying problems of students and rural people and finding solutions.
 Anfosys will develop innovative projects with the help of school students.
 We will take out innovative ideas from village people, develop them and will bring in front of the world.
 Schools from rural areas are practicing and implementing new concepts in teaching. Anfosys will make them global through social media.


Competitions are part and parcel of any business. But they are also the cause of developments. There are so many competitors who are working in same field but we will compete with them by doing unique and different things.
 We have a Young Team Memberswho are innovative, aggressive with higher learning and grasping capabilities.
 We will sell our product at low prices with more features.
 Because of our age we can easily establish friendly relationship with our customers and users.
 We will provide free, better and affordable services for our customers.
 We have a patent of mentioned product which is an advantage to compete with competitors.

Revenue Stream:

 We will price our product at low with more features and will provide free, affordable and better services.We have a very big market size spread all over India.
 Initially we are focusing on Yavatmal District for launching our product and afterwards we will be focusing on Vidarbha, Maharashtra and India respectively.
 The startup is registered under SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India) StartupMitra to provide us training, fund and facilities.
 We have already approached to investors and incubators for getting support.

Key Activities:

We will organize
Project Competition
Quiz Competition.
Training Programs
Provide Internships
Key Partnerships:
Presently our partners are
• Internshala ,an organization started by IIT Alumni students ,Gurgaon , New Delhi
• Vigyan Ashram,an organization for innovations Pune. They are ready to provide their fabrication lab to develop our products.
• In future we are planning to tie up with many organizations to promote our business.

Key resources:

We need the people with following background.
 Web developer:- HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript Experts
 App developer:- Python, JavaScript, Android Studio Experts
 Robotics , Electronics and software background:- Arduino, Raspberry pi Experts
 Chartered Accountant for financial matters
 Lawyer for legal matters

Cost structure:

• Estimate Amount to build infrastructure and Team is minimum 5 lakhs and maximum 20 lakhs.
 Infrastructure
 Laptops
 Internet
 Other Facilities

Mr.Aniket Prashant Kakde
STD VIII, School Scholars, Yavatmal
aniketkakde509@gmail.com /Facebook: Anfosys
Mob. 7745886929/9422156522

Team member
Mr. Manthan Gajanan Kshirsagar,
STD VII, St. Aloysius English medium School, Yavatmal

Progress Milestones

 Our Product Multipurpose Voice Controlled Robot has got Patent.
 (No. 201721000991A)
 Product won an Inspire award at science exhibition 2017-18 organized by Govt of India, Department of science and technology New Delhi
 Secured First rank in CBSE Regional Level Science Exhibition 2016-17 held in Dec.2016
 Launched a website www.anfosys.in

Marketing Plan

We will organize Seminars, Workshops, Project Competitions and Quiz activities.
We will market our product through Advertisement on web, Social media like what’s app, Facebook and by direct approach.