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Mission Agroyaan

Agroyaan is the device made for the farmers. Since last 4 to 5 years farmers are dieing due the chemicals which they are spraying in their field. TO avoid the deaths of farmers this device is developed which can perform various functions. (“Automatic Multitasking Chemical Spraying Robot”.)  It can spray the chemicals automatically on the crops with the help of android mobile. This robot will save the lives of farmers and will also help to increase the production of farms. The farmers will not have to go in the field , they just have to order the robot from the mobile and the robot will do all the work automatically. In this way the farmers will have less connection with chemicals and their life will also be saved.  As the name suggest it is multitasking so it is also helpful in other fields also, such as spray painting, water spraying, vacuum cleaning, Soil health testing etc.

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Anfosys came into existence on 26 may 2017. It is registered under Ministry of micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, (MSME) Government of India.Our Services: Website development. Mobile app development,Innovations,Digital marketing

Aniket Prashant Kakde


Our target areas are students , farmers and rural people. There is a need of awareness of technology among students. Farmers need to use technology in their farms to increase production. Rural people are innovative and creative. The hidden talent must get global exposure. Read more..


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